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July 26, 2013 · 7:06 am

Julian was running a Piaget-method course. People can

Julian was running a Piaget-method course. People can laugh at it, but that’s essentially what he was doing. People can disagree and call it ridiculous but it won’t change anything.

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July 10, 2013 · 9:19 am

Murray Wins Wimbledon

Murray Wins Wimbledon. The best match in history since John McEnroe unseated Borg, and the Billy Jean King and Arthur Ash match. Or every time McEnroe disappointed Lendl or Conners in at Wimbldeon. Wimbldon used to be the only thing that mattered; now there are too many tournaments. Corporatism. Sad. But this is time to celebrate; Nadal and Fed were technically efficient, but they were not as players as Murray. They do not know the game better than him; they don’t it as well as him by a long shot.

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July 7, 2013 · 5:20 pm

Doran, he was the person who gave me

Doran, he was the person who gave me love almost as a medium to my father. No other ever did. Not even the few best ones. I even think he was aware of the possibility: and would be authentic about it — in the end, just ‘cool, no problem’

And possibly say, “don’t worry, tomorrow will be like it was tonight. It didn’t matter that we passed a joint. It was 1974. I 8. And just, “pass the joint.”

But otherwise, very tough, protective, punctual, and stone-as-hell but and bearded grisly shy Great Bartender at Jake’s on the Lake at Tahoe that he was!

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June 25, 2013 · 7:59 pm

I am yet even more amazed — yet

I am yet even more amazed — yet impressed on the research on the other side [the experimenters’ side] of the Blind and Double-Blind Tests, some variants of which go beyond placebo and control group field action — of our authoritarian mistrust of “natural law” as declared in the Constitution. Natural law is contrary-to-conditional; is is the ‘nomic’ law by which a any cause and effect mechanism in nature functions. The truth function altogether simple and elegant: PQ(TFTT). Veblen may have been right or wrong: either our “institutions are doomed failure,” or they are not. The failure would be in the emphasis on crafting of a thing, with ones hands, and actions, and the whole the person’s physiology (or physiognomy, to get more authentic and to the core of that matter). It all happens in intelligent being’s actions. Actions (complex-acts) and acts, and act-desires, are only possible by the modes ponens, which is equivalent to the contrary-to-fact-conditional.

If there is thunder, then there is lightening (whether we are made aware of the thunder first by direct sight in the atmosphere without filtration between our eyes and our sense, or the the other, conversely; it is invariant) . Converse relations have proven invariant by Alfred Lande in this monograph at the ETH in Zurich: “The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,” where he demonstrates the statistical knife-edge effects of a particle hitting a symmetrical object on its tip; what he was doing without knowing it was simply replicating or foreseeing the theory of “statistical identities.” The beauty of it is that it’s dependent on an object in space, i.e. a geometrical object, the filter with the tip. Near to Archibald Wheeler’s “handle on geometry,” without further explanation. There are is more also in Wheeler’s great work, “Gravitation,” where he uses everything from delayed choice experiments to the propositional calculus (Boolean logic with predicates and arguments, at root) as the basis for the high dimensionality needed for his thoughts on his anthropic approach to gravitational collapse, which he called, “the profoundest discovery in human history,” as I very accurately paraphrase it. That is retrograde causality for physicists. It is the counter-factual wave-function state for the study of this amazing material implication. It is not: If there is if there is lightening, there is thunder.

It is easy to imagine proper data queries if dimensionality is pursued here.

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June 25, 2013 · 5:29 pm

It is amazing to me that we have

It is amazing to me that we have abandoned the Socratic method, and also make use of that Peripatetic note-taking that Plato did to record Socrates’ conversations with others, to create a great work. Yet we are criminalizing the actions of our best citizens (investigative journalists, to be precise); maybe someone missed that Lincoln saw the Constitution as Socratically pragmatic (dialogue with people, I emphasized in his notes the people must talk in the nation, and that education was the highest priority for him; those are his words partly deeply paraphrased and partly hardly paraphrased at the end; but altogether true.

This situation in our country would qualify as black humor if it were not of such concern; in the concentration camps of the nasty Third Reich, still many of the Jews there kept made a black sense of humor out of it all sometimes. We don’t want to go that far. Because they were gassed. And some could console themselves with black humor, amazingly; I don’t know they did. And I hope we don’t get to the point where I and we have to to know.

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June 24, 2013 · 6:20 pm